New East West Academy

Math and English Teacher

Part-time Assistant Teachers/Tutor for Math and English Hours Varied

A Day in the life as an Assistant Teacher/Tutor: As an Assistant Teacher/tutor you will oversee students in non-traditional classroom settings and work one-on-one with students to reinforce instructional material. Your exact duties can vary widely depending on the particular circumstances of the classroom you’re in and the number of students who are present. You will be expected to instruct students of proper computer lab behavior and procedures, set up afficient testing, discuss with parents the results of the diagnostic test, set up student accounts, and maintain student accounts. You will be responsible for monitoring students during breaks throughout the day.


Qualifications and Skills

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Fundamental computer knowledge and skills (ability to operate and navigate the internet)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to read and write
  • 8th grade knowledge of Math and English
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Friendly and nurturing disposition
  • Ability to work well with students
  • Proven organizational skills
  • Ability to create implement behavior management plan

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