New East West Academy

We provide Chinese classes for all ages and levels!

Why learn Chinese?

The United States and China represent the two largest economies and cultures that impact the world. Chinese is the most common language in the world, while English ranks third and is spoken all over the globe. The mastery of these two languages will provide opportunities for your child’s future.

Our Teachers

All our Chinese teachers are native Chinese speakers. Each of them holds a Bachler or master’s degree with years of Chinese teaching experience.

Chinese Courses

To meet the needs of children and their parents from different levels and environments. Each child uses the teaching materials most suitable for their learning. We have two programs using different materials and techniques for the students from Chinese families and non-Chinese families.

Class for Chinese heritage students:

This course is designed by Dr. Liping Ma, Stanford University School of Education. It’s for K-12 students who are from the Chinese speaking families and understand Mandarin (Putonghua). The full set of teaching materials include: text book, work books, summer homework, as well as the online homework that includes text reading, writing demonstration, new words, vocabulary practice, and many games that students can practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while have a lot of fun.

Class for non-Chinese heritage students:

K-12 Young Chinese course is developed by a team of nearly 100 linguists, Chinese teachers, and professionals after years of efforts. The entire series consists of 11 volumes. It is suitable for students without a Chinese background. The textbook emphasizes the practical communicative function of language and adopts the learning principle of listening and speaking following by reading and writing. This course makes learning Chinese simple, practical, and interesting.

Learn from the best to be the best!

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