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Frequently Asked Questions


Founded in 2018, New East West Learning Center is the first school in Las Vegas to teach simplified Chinese Mandarin and Pinyin. The past few years, we have grown from renting school buildings with only 20 students to now teaching hundreds of students on our own independent campus.

Common Core and AI-based English and Math tutoring for K-12, Coding, Chinese Mandarin, Art, Chess and more to come.
Afficient Academy is a self-paced, computerized, Common Core-based Math and English AI program that helps students learn efficiently.
Afficient students fill in skill-gaps from lower grades, catch up to their own grade level, and solidify their foundation within an average of 3 months.
Our Chinese courses are in simplified Mandarin.

Online, On-Site, Medium Group, Small Group, Private.

Yes, we offer Summer, Spring, and Winter camps to accommodate local schools’ schedules. Students can choose one or multiple subjects, academics or sports, indoors or outdoors, half-day or full-day programs to spend quality time during their school break.

All of our teachers have graduated from college and have been engaged in primary and secondary education for many years, giving them excellent classroom management skills.

Yes, teachers assign homework. Each grade’s exercise books and online exercises are enough for your children to take in what they need. Luckily, the assignments are interesting and do take up too much time.​

Chinese Americans have no inherent linguistic advantage for learning Chinese. Whatever potential advantage exists depends on whether the family can provide a language environment for learning Chinese. Parents should give their children more Chinese input in their daily life to optimize their language acquisition. After accumulating basic literacy, the appropriate reading materials can help learning Chinese. Hard work leads to a plentiful harvest​.

Learning Chinese does not mean abandoning learning English. On the contrary, bilingual children will be more sensitive to English and master it better. Our students are destined to become bilingual and multi-cultural people. After all, language is closely related to people’s identity. We believe students should be encouraged to speak Chinese, but not forced. Language is not only cognitive but also emotional and social, so it’s no surprise that children can’t learn Chinese without additional language exposure outside the two-hour Chinese class every week.

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