New East West Academy

We are hiring now!

New East West Academy, located between S. Rainbow and S. Buffalo Drive off the 215, is seeking talented Teacher/Tutor candidates who are capable of teaching a group of students.

New East West Academy was founded in 2017 by Susan Wang with the vision of providing quality afterschool tutoring and extracurricular activities for all students. Susan believes in providing a multifaceted educational facility that uses proven instructional programs that empower students to reach their full potential. To enhance the abilities of the school Susan has added several programs such as Coding, Art, Chess, and Chinese to enhance students’ learning experience.

What it’s like to work here: Ask our employees and they will use the word “great”. Our team members share a positive attitude, problem solving abilities, and patience which enable them to be strong leaders at our school.

If you have the passion, experience, and ability for education, please talk to us about Our opportunities.

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