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Press Release by Nevada State Chess Association

For Immediate Release 5 May 2024

Contact: Stan Vaughan (792) 890-2322 or Email [email protected]

New East West Academy dominated the 75th anniversary of the Nevada State Chess Association at their State Scholastic Team and Individual Championships today turning in  NSCA record breaking performances by winning the High School Team title by 8 points over nearest rival in the High School Division, by 8 points over nearest rival in the Middle School Division and by 4 points over nearest rival in the Elementary Division.

The event saw a record number of schools competing in all 3 divisions as 38 schools competed in the High School , 36 teams competed in the Middle School and 23 teams in the Elementary Divisions.

Under New East West Academy Principal Susan Wang, the school saw these record breaking performances in only the first year of the program under Coach Stan Vaughan, a legendary coach noted for his ‘Russian System’ as he was coaxed out of retirement after previous success back in the 1990s when he coached numerous national and state team and individual champions which had been honored by then Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones with a ‘Stan Vaughan Day’.  Vaughan, who has been featured  on a stamp in Burundi for his chess exploits, was also previously twice honored by then Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman as well with ‘Stan Vaughan Days.

This year’s event was held in Las Vegas , hosted and sponsored by the New East West Academy which also saw 5 students garnering individual  first place trophies.

Individual awards were won by the following

Isaac Wang of Hyde Park Middle School won the NSCA State 12th grade under title turning in a 6-0 result.

Jason Xie of New East West Academy won best 11th grade under with 5.5/6.

Gabriel Encabo of Odyssey  went 5/6 to win top 10 grade under . Jarl Bitcoon of Wallin Elementary went 5/6 to take top 9th grade under.

Middle School individual awards were won by  Alan Griffin of St. Viator 5/6 for top 8th grade below. 

Christina Bommarito of New East West Academy 5/6 for top 7th grade in tiebreaks over her sister Elizabeth Bommarito also of New East West Academy who also turned in 5/6 performance. 

Michael Xie  of New East West Academy  scored 5/6 to take 1st 6th grade under.

Elementary School individual winners were Justin Zhou of McCaw Elementary 4.5/6 for top 5th grade/below.

Timi Guo of Star Chess Castle Academy 4/6 for top 4th grade/below. 

Edward Teems of New East West Academy 4/6 for top 3rd grade below. 

Leo Zhao of Coral Cadence 4/6 for top 2nd grade/below. 

Eric Wang of New East West Academy 3/6 for top 1st grade below and Hugo Liu of Challenger School for top kindergarten.

The Chess Journey Starts Here:

At New East West Academy, we recognize the profound benefits of chess for children. Studies consistently show that chess enhances math, physics, and independent research skills, while fostering concentration and logical thinking. Our structured approach guides students through different levels, emphasizing theoretical knowledge and practical strength. From correct gameplay and logical thinking to an appreciation for chess beauty, we aim to instill key skills. Our curriculum progresses from openings to endgames, ensuring students master all facets of chess, including accurate calculations and strategic planning. Our instruction demystifies positional analysis, empowering students to evaluate positions logically and methodically, covering elements like development, mobility, pawn structure, and more.


  • Chess Benefits for Children:

    • Improves math, physics, and independent research skills.
    • Develops concentration and logical thinking.
  • Academic Progression at New East West Academy:

    • Levels guide students from beginner to advanced.
    • Each level requires theoretical knowledge and practical strength.
    • Emphasis on appropriate material study for each level.
  • Coaching Objectives at New East West Academy:

    • Teaches correct chess play.
    • Encourages logical thinking and self-critique.
    • Instills an appreciation for the beauty of chess ideas.
  • Endgame Mastery:

    • Goes beyond mere opening theory and middle-game strategy.
    • Focuses on superior endgame skills.
  • Skill Development at New East West Academy:

    • Advances from tactical expertise to overall strategic planning.
    • Demystifies positional analysis for logical and methodical evaluation.
  • Key Chess Elements Covered:

    • Development, mobility, and control of the center.
    • Consideration of positions of the kings.
    • Evaluation of weak and strong squares.
    • Understanding of pawn structure and majorities.
    • Utilization of open files, among other strategic elements.
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