New East West Academy

Afficient Academy offers self-paced, computerized AI and Common Core based Math and English programs that help students learn efficiently!

Is your child struggling with #Math or #English? Afficient students rapidly bridge skill gaps, catch up to their grade level, and strengthen their foundation in as little as 3 months. Ready to excel? At Afficient, we empower students to go beyond their school grade!


Main Advantages of Afficient Math

  • Instant Feedback: Immediate assessment, eliminating the need to wait for manual grading.
  • AI-Driven Excellence: Our unique approach ensures exceptional outcomes through extensive optimization.
  • Grade Level Scores: Constant access to grade level scores, helping students gauge their progress.
  • Customized Assignments: Tailored weekly assignments to support personalized learning.
  • Real-Time Updates: Monitor the execution of weekly assignments with real-time progress reports.
  • Supervised Learning: Our learning center teachers oversee and guide your child’s development.
  • Prompt Parent Communication: Stay informed with timely updates and communication.

Main Advantages of Afficient English

  • Swift Feedback: Swift assessment eliminates the need for manual grading of English assignments.
  • AI-Enhanced Excellence: Our unique approach optimizes English learning, ensuring outstanding outcomes.
  • Grade Level Proficiency: Continuous access to grade level English scores helps students track their progress.
  • Tailored Assignments: Personalized weekly English assignments promote customized learning.
  • Real-Time Progress: Keep tabs on weekly assignment execution with instant updates.
  • Guided Learning: Our learning center teachers supervise and guide English language development.
  • Timely Parent Communication: Parents receive prompt updates and communicate easily with us.


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